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BFRB-cosm   A Cosmetologist's Guide to Trichotillomania
kit-cosmo   Awareness Kit for Cosmetologists
kit-derm   Awareness Kit for Dermatologists
kit-School   Awareness Kit for Educators
kit-thera   Awareness Kit for Therapists
dvd-BHL   Bad Hair Life: A Documentary
BFRB-pen   BFRB Awareness Mop Top Stylus Pen
ring-ssbmspiner   Black Enamel Spinner Ring
sillyputty   Classic Silly Putty
BFRB-guideline   Expert Consensus Treatment Guidelines for BFRBs
bk-Feathers   Feathers Coloring Book - SALE!
f-finghand   Finger Hands
flexblox   FlexiBlox Fiddlers
bk-scars-book   FOREVER MARKED: A Dermatillomania Diary
ring-ss-LargeStars   Large Star Stainless Steel Spinner Ring
bk-lifeis   Life is Trichy
t-aware-bracelet   Official BFRB Awareness Bracelet: trichotillomania, dermatillomania, nail biting
Official-BFRB-Awareness-Pins   Official BFRB Awareness Enamel Pins: For Trichotillomania, Skin Picking Disorder & Related BFRBs
Official-BFRB-Awareness-Ribbon   Official BFRB Awareness Ribbons: For Trichotillomania, Skin Picking Disorder & Related BFRBs - SALE! Get TWO for the price of one!
bk-pearls_book   Pearls:
Meditations on Recovery
from Hair Pulling & Skin Picking
Psych_Interventions_Golomb   Psychological Interventions for Children with Sensory Dysregulation
dvd-VPTI_super   PTI & VPTI Graduates: Supervision
dvd-SOS   Scars of Shame - The First Documentary on Skin Picking (Excoriation) Disorder - SALE!
scr_bag   SCRATCHMENOT Bubby Bag - Sleeping Bag - Sale!
scr_flipsleeve   SCRATCHMENOT Flip Mitten Sleeve - SALE!
bk-pasternak   Skin Picking: The Freedom to Finally Stop
ring-StaSspinnner   Stainless Spinner Rings
ring-blue-spinnner   Stainless Steel Blue Spinner Ring
ring-checkers   Stainless Steel Checkered Spinner Ring
ring-ssGreek   Stainless Steel Greek Key Ring
ring-blue-heart   Stainless Steel Heart Spinner Ring
HairPullingCompanion   Stop Hair Pulling: Freedom Companion Guide
NailCompanion   Stop Nail Biting: Freedom Companion Guide
skinPickingCompanion   Stop Skin Picking: Freedom Companion Guide
bk-perfpl   The Perfect Pull
ring-ssTinyStarsring   Tiny Stars Stainless Steel Spinner Ring
t-tlcstar   TLC Stress Squeezer
bk-TreatingTTM   Treating Trichotillomania: Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Hairpulling and Related Problems
ring-ss-TribalWaves   Tribal Waves Stainless Steel Spinner Ring
TrichophagiaBro   Trichophagia Brochure
bk-ACTguidebook   Trichotillomania: An ACT-Enhanced Behavior Therapy Approach: Therapist Guide
trichster_dvdUK   Trichster: The Documentary (Region 2 - UK & Europe) DVD)
trichster_dvd   Trichster: The Documentary (US DVD version) SALE
BFRB-bro   Understanding BFRBs Brochures
vpti_program   Virtual Professional Training Institute
dvd-VPTI_test   Virtual Professional Training Institute TEST ONLY
bk-WH   What's Happening to My Child - A Guide for Parents' of Hair Pullers - Sale!
YouAreHereBook   You Are Here - Coloring Book
bk-YANA   You Are Not Alone: Compulsive Hair Pulling, The Enemy Within - SALE!

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