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Meditations on Recovery
from Hair Pulling & Skin Picking

Pearls:  <br> Meditations on Recovery<br>  from Hair Pulling &  Skin Picking <br>


A Book by Christina Pearson, Founder of The TLC Foundation for Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors

People often ask Christina, "What helped you stop pulling and picking? and, perhaps even more important, "How do you stay stopped?" While the tools and strategies that lead one person to recovery will not always work for another, in Pearls, Christina shares many small tools and shifts in perspective that helped her become aware of, and effectively eliminate, these unwanted behaviors on a day-to-day basis. This collection of meditations has many layers, and takes on new meaning with one's own evolving experience of the path to recovery. "Though I got this book to give to my 17 y.o. daughter, who has struggled with trich for 5 years, I read it first and was left with an almost palpable experience of the core of her suffering. Wisdom, spirituality, humor, love, hope, help--all in a short little book. Your words are applicable not only to sufferers of hair pulling and skin picking, but to those who struggle with any aspect of life that limits the ability to live life fully because of too much focus on "self," a common result of these conditions." --Jacki Abrams, MD Here's are two excerpts:

Recognizing? and honoring - the bear in the doorway

Today I seek new pathways.

My trich was like a big Grizzly Bear:
bigger than me, able to swat me down, chew me up
and spit me out - it beat me every time I engaged in the fight.

It stood in the ?doorway? to all I wanted.

I have come to understand
that I had been focused on fighting my way -
THROUGH the bear, and thus hopefully attaining freedom.

Now I sit back; I no longer fight the bear.

I honor that the bear is bigger than me,
can outdo all my maneuvering.
I honor the bear; I no longer fight.
I simply open myself up to a new pathway
that the bear is not guarding.
There are pathways all around me!
I was too busy to see them before.
I am free.
And the bear sleeps in that doorway, long behind me.
~ It is easier to stay out than to get out ~


ABSORB: Aware of my Body
I Stop, Observe, Relax and Breathe

Today I will utilize the ABSORB meditation.
This helps me stay present,
and gently brings my awareness back
to release the unconscious tensions
that build so easily in my body.
It goes like this:
Feeling the position, the tension, the attitude
of my body as a whole.
Whatever I am doing, simply STOP!
And OBSERVE, looking inward without judgment
to see, acknowledge what is going on.

Then RELAX, releasing the tension
I don?t always realize I carry - and BREATHE.
Once I do the exercise,
I am refreshed, and feel more balanced.
I am more aware of what is happening,
both within and without in this moment,
- and it only takes a moment!
~ Many, many tiny changes, over time, add up to transformation ~

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